Tuesday, 15 December 2009

David Cameron on TalkSport

David Cameron was on TalkSport radio today and was asked about immigration and of course he was oh so concerned about it. But when pressed by the presenters he said that he thought people's concerns about immigration were only a matter of numbers and had absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity, culture, religion or the social make up of whole towns/cities changing.
When one of the presenters (Mike Parry I think) said that maybe Mr Cameron was a little out of touch with the public on this issue he said that he most certainly was not, and that he speaks to members of the public every week about immigration and their only concerns about it were the numbers coming in and not cultural in any way shape or form (he also said that as long as the number of people coming in and the number leaving more or less matched then that was okay).
He also thought that the French burkha banning thing was going too far as was the Swiss vote on banning minarets.
So, in Mr Cameron's eyes if, say, a million white British Christians leave Britain every year and are replaced by a million Asian Pakistani Muslims then that's okay, and as long as the numbers balance then the good old British public won't mind being effectively 'replaced' in their homeland one bit.
'Out of touch' doesn't come close.
So for all those going to vote Tory because they think that they'll be strong on immigration and support a Christian Britain over an Islamic one - wake up!


James Higham said...

He is a huge disappointment, Cameron.

Martyn Findley said...

The more people that we can help to see the true nature of this man and the party that he leads before election time the better.

subrosa said...

I actually heard DC this morning (the radio in this house is tuned to TalkSport whenever possible, just in case David Moynes utters a word).

Entirely agree RR, I thought Cameron was dreadful. All things to all men he's trying to be and it's not succeeding.

ps Yes it was Mike Parry.

jeannette stgermain said...

Interesting to hear your views on this (I am a Dutchman living in L.A.)
Glad that not all Christians have gone to sleep over there:)

Anonymous said...

On a disaster scale of 1-10.
If Brown is re-elected its an 11.
If Tory boy is elected its a good 9

Happy Christmas!