Sunday, 20 December 2009

Poverty in Wales?

I went to a concert in my local Church yesterday in aid of Save the Children (a worthy cause of course) and noticed in the event programme that there are (so it said) 192,000 children in Wales living in poverty.This seemed a bit high to me - for a country of only 3 million people.It seemed even higher when I found out that there are only 600,000 children in Wales!
So 1 in 3 children in Wales live in poverty? I don't think so - not real poverty anyhow.
So I looked into how poverty is measured in Britain (and elsewhere?) and it is thus: any person who has an income less than 60% of the average income is classed as living in poverty.
This is obviously an insane way to judge 'poverty' for if, for instance, every household in Wales had an income of a million pounds a year then all those on less than £600,000 a year would be classed as poor!
With this system there can be no end to poverty unless we all earn the same (communism?) which means that even if we all have an annual income of just £2.50 then as long as we all have the same income then there is no poverty.
Utter rubbish.
They are seeking equality in income and not an eradication of poverty.
Real poverty to me is not truly experienced nowadays in the West.
Compare us to Africa or the slums of Calcutta.
Does anyone actually believe that there are 192,000 children in Wales hungry and barefoot? Who is behind all of this manipulation and what are they up to?


Jason said...

Wow. I hadn't noticed that. Good thoughts!

James Higham said...

Real poverty to me is not truly experienced nowadays in the West.

Some days are better than others.

Tony nile life said...

No one in The uk lives in poverty. some would like to live in poverty so they can claim more money and go on holidays to lets say Egypt,
then they can say " no we where not living in poverty, I get money in Wales from the state where I can choose to spend it on beer, cigarettes or food, even clothes for the kids. they can even go to the local church and ask for whatever they need and those kind God fearing people will be told of the need and donate all the clothes and food these cadgers need.
so do not worry your little head about poverty and who is putting the word out, some poor sod was on radio 2 pleading poverty that she can not live on 28 grand on yearF***'
these poor buggers in egypt have to live on what they can get. even if its from the garbage.

JPT said...

Tony nile life: Spot on!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I have long ago noticed that you cannot believe one single line they write in these so called "facts". I wonderr which thumb they suck it out of?

Shelle said...

Check out End Game on You Tube....that'll answer your question