Saturday, 26 December 2009

British Street

Have a look at the photograph in the article in The Mail here - is this a British street?
Of course it is.
Are the Mail up to something using that photo?
Added at 11:38pm Boxing Day:

!!!!!!!!!! - The ORIGINAL photo was of a street full,of people of ethnic minorities. The Mail has now changed it. Enough said.


The Machinist's Wife said...

You know - I feel so bad for what my homeland has become. The Machinist feels so bad for what his homeland has become. Neither of us have the desire to return, even though we both love our places of birth. My parents, the Grands, still have family in both countries, and I have siblings in both. I don't know what else to say, just that it is a very troubling and sad state of affairs... I 'feel' your rant!

DUTA said...

I've seen similar pictures from Belgium, in fact from many countries in Europe.If these people are tourists that's ok, but if they are locals, not so.

Well, white preople living in South Africa is also an anomaly, a violation of the Creation of the universe. God (or call it superpower)has created the universe in a separatistic approach giving each race and ethnical group a territory of its own. Colonialism and capitalism (looking for cheap working hand) have changed the natural order of things, so they shouldn't complain now.

Tony nile life said...

It seems Enoch Powell was Quite right.
the UK has been invaded, and I am sure most of the people in them photos are British subjects never mind coming over because of the weak pound, these are the scroungers, asylum seekers my arse,
A Joke from Enock's era
Found sitting on the edge of the cliffs of Dover. Why are you crying Enock That was a bus load of foreigners that went over the edge. But there was an empty seat. And if you think that's racist, you need to come and live in Luxor Egypt where I have verbal abuse every day, fuck off back to your own country, where you go,why you go, whats your name , Hi friend give me some money,Welcome to Egypt I need money,
too many do gooders in the uk,

James Higham said...

Nuff said is right. It says it all.

Anonymous said...

People comment on these situations but what will they actually DO about it. Shrug shoulders and eventually be taken over?
Will you still be voting the same? Ask yourself after years of looking after the world and his wife is it not time vote in a party to look after YOU and YOUR descendents?
NONE of the main parties are interested in native Brits, just vote them in again for more of the same of the last thirty years.