Monday, 6 July 2009

The White People of Wales

I had a glossy booklet through the post the other day from the Welsh Assembly Education Department.

And on the front cover was a picture of six children.

Before I go on I'll tell you that the population of Wales (according to the latest census) is 98% white. That's 2% non white by the way.

Back to the cover of the education brochure and those six children - you've guessed it - only TWO of them were white. That's 33% white, 67% non white.

This is outrageous attempted brainwashing by the PC Welsh Assembly.

How do people not notice what's going on?


Anonymous said...

I think we've been here before:

It's all part of their 'diversity' drive, lots of little smiling ethnic faces!

It makes me wanna puke!

JPT said...

I've had a look inside and there are fifteen children in it only six of whom are white.

Jeannine said...

If they had their way the only whites left would be them (ie, the social engineers).