Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Appeasing The Muslims on 7/7 Anniversary

On the 4th anniversary of 7/7 when MUSLIM terrorists killed innocent people the Daily Mail carries this shocking piece.

Shocking in many ways not least the headline: Far-Right extremists 'are plotting spectacular terrorist attack in UK', police warn

and: The chilling warning comes after last month's startling gains by the BNP in the local and European elections

and: Abdurahman Jafar of the Muslim Safety Forum, where the concerns were raised, said: 'Muslims are the first line of victims in the extreme right's campaign of hate and division and they make no secret about that.

and: Last month a white supremacist with links to the BNP shot dead a security guard at Washington's Holocaust Museum in a racially-motivated killing.
'Muslims are the first line of victims in the extreme

how dare the police link this garbage to the BNP's election success!
The 'chilling warning' was given by an appeasing sell out cop to a meeting of 'British Muslims'. Say no more.
And what (who) the hell is the 'Muslim Safety Forum?
And how may I ask was the Washington Memorial killer linked to the BNP?
We all know who the REAL terrorists are in this country. Shame on the police and shame (again) on the Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

nfortunately too many people have become inured by cultural Marxism, political correctness and other japes and magic tricks of the Guardianista communistic liberal chatterati of the Western world. I am beginning to wonder if, like the Roman, I sadly just see the Tiber flow with blood.

The very people who are going to suffer hardest from the Liberal-Islamic axis - the average Mail reader - is whipped into being more frightened of the BNP - probably the only defence the indigenous population has left - than those with a track record of violence brutality and sadistic killing - the followers of the Moon god and his pederast prophet.

I despair.

Dr. Dave said...

Britain's just about cooked...and it didn't even take a jihad. Quite sad.

And we're next.