Friday, 24 July 2009

BBC Anti-Semitism Reporting

Reported on the BBC website today (and elsewhere I presume) is the rise in UK anti-Semitism.
The story was all about the rise in 'racist' attacks on Jews, Synagogues etc.

But what got me about the whole thing (I don't condone anti-Semitism by the way) was the fact that as the main picture the BBC used a picture of 'a swastika daubed outside a Manchester Synagogue'.

Now this of course suggests (deliberately) that these attacks are the work of 'right wing' Neo-Nazi's - BUT - on reading the article it becomes perfectly clear that the vast majority (all?) of these attacks are the work of Muslims who are pissed off (for a change) about Israel and the middle east etc etc etc.

The BBC have - as far as I can reasonably tell - reported the truth, but by using the photo that they did have tried to muddle people's thinking and turn them against anyone who may 'lean to the right'.

A very cheap shot indeed.

Will they ever give up with all of this brainwashing rubbish?

Not unless they're made to.


Red Squirrel said...

One only has to watch the activities of that disgusting freak Lauren Booth to see why anti-Semitism is on the rise;

Members of the far-left have also been instrumental in daubing swastikas on synagogues and mosques in order to cast suspicion on the right. Of course the left-wing biased 'luvvies' of the BBC just lap it up!

North Northwester said...

"Will they ever give up with all of this brainwashing rubbish?"

No. Which is why it should be closed down. Time was when the BBC was instrumental in leading the moral and information war against a nation led by evil, would-be world conquering anti-Semitic psychos.

Now it supports all such nations.

Well, there's no Soviet Union t work for any more, is there?