Monday, 22 June 2009

More Hot Weather Nonsense

In Britain the weather is an often talked about subject. It's written about in the press a lot too.And lots of what is written is absolute nonsense.
Take today for example, in the Daily Mail. 'Hotter than Tenerife' they say (It's going to be apparently). 30c they predict, beating this years previous high of almost 27c (that'll have been 26c then). Rather than 'hotter than Tenerife' they could equally have said 'colder than Russia' for temperatures of 36c have been predicted in some parts of that country this week.

Never mind.

The Mail then went on to somewhat rubbish their own story by showing a met office prediction of: Today Light Rain 22c, Tomorrow Dry and Sunny 24c, Wednesday Sunny 26c but by Friday heavy showers!

Where's the 30c?!

The press have been harping on non stop this summer that a hot, dry and sunny one is predicted. They seem certain on this fact because the met office actually said that they thought (guesswork) that this summer would be warmer and drier than last summer - which was one of the wettest and coolest in memory!

Bunk. My prediction for this summer - unsettled, because the weather is being dominated by westerlies so far, and this will take a lot of changing. We will of course as usual have spells of pretty hot weather (some this week) but I would be surprised if we have a 2003 or 2006 type 'scorcher'. But what do I know?

The press (and to a lesser degree the met office) predict a hot (ish) summer every year now - and a mild winter also.

They are (especially with recent summers) constantly proved wrong.

I think it's all a part of the global warming industry.


James Higham said...

You keep your eye on Russian temperatures?

Jeannine said...

You're a man after my own heart. I'm interested in all things weather, as you know.

holidays in tenerife said...

newspapers should give up - by the time they've done the printing the outlook would have changed

JPT said...

James: I keep my eye on the weather here there and everywhere. And this week, in Russia Volgograd is having a heatwave.

Jeannine: I know! I hope you're enjoying our brief spell of nice (but a bit muggy) weather.