Sunday, 28 June 2009

Badger Digging

Two people near to where I live have been convicted of 'digging for badgers'.

Now, I keep ferrets, and have a whippet dog and also a jack russell terrier and have not been adverse to a little rabbiting in the past and also even now when required a little ratting.

But, the intense cruelty that goes on in a badger dig is frankly perverse, and I think that people who partake in this activity should have bits cut off them.

Just my opinion.


CherryPie said...

Way back when, I used to be a member of the local badger group and I agree with you that (sport?) is disgusting.

JPT said...

CherryPie: Well said, I don't know what's wrong with these people.
We all have our differences regarding politics, but cruel's cruel.

Anonymous said...

Badgers have to be culled, they spread TB and brucelosis...

If you want to see cattle fall like flies because of some nocturnal subterranean vermin then be prepared for a hike in beef prices!

I'd sooner see local lads and their dogs dispatch of them than some city-based contractor brought in with guns & poison!

But yes, you're right it is barbaric, but then so is nature!

These animals are being slaughtered in this fashion for a genuine economic and environmental reason...

Unlike the hapless halal and kosher animals!

PS. Isn't it funny how everyone hates the Canadians for clubbing seals until they find out it's part of the Inuit eskimo's 'CULTURE'

janice said...

Thanks JPT, I actually ordered March of the Titans yesterday from Amazon. A few right-sided blogger friends had also recommended it.

I'm sorry you kept crashing trying to access my other site, if you google you heard it here, nuggets of news, you'll get me.

janice said...

Also, I don't link the other blog to my photo blog profile because I don't want to scare people off with my extreme positions on islam, liberals and our march to socialism.

Thanks for stopping by, JPT.