Saturday, 30 May 2009

ITV Football Morons

I've just watched the FA Cup Final on ITV and some moron had put a thermometer at pitch side in direct sunlight and lo and behold it was showing 41.5c!!!
Of course the commentator made a big deal of this saying how hot it was for the players etc.
Are they serious?!

Any fool knows that if you put a thermometer in the direct sun then the reading given is a hugely inaccurate one. The reason for this is that the sun heats up the material the thermometer is made of and the thermometer then measures this temperature and not the temperature of the air.

So what this thermometer was measuring was the temperature of the plastic that the thermometer was made of and not the temperature of the Wembley air!
To prove this point today to my son I placed my own meteorological thermometer from out of the shade where it was reading 22c into the sun where it soared to 34c.
The record temperature for Britain is 38.5c, do ITV really think that today was the hottest day ever? and by 3c!!!!!!!!!
Do they even give a shit?
Either the production team and commentator are idiots or pretty much liars.
Neither is acceptable.

While I'm on this subject (ITV football) was I the only one whilst watching the Champions League final the other night to notice that the camera was so far away from the pitch that I (and everyone else probably) could not tell properly what was going on?

Again no mention of this from the ITV morons.
They're getting as bad as the BBC.

P.S. For the record, the max temp in London today was 23c. Say no more!

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