Sunday, 3 May 2009

BNP and the England Football Team

Nick Griffin came under attack this week (nothing new there) by a group calling itself Show Racism the Red Card (who?).
They said the usual twaddle about the England football team under the BNP, ie: all white, and even apparently Beckham not allowed to play for them because his grandfather was Jewish.
I'll leave aside the fact that the BNP to my knowledge has at least one Jewish councillor, but my main point is this- does Gordon Brown pick the England football team? did Margaret Thatcher? did Winston Churchill? Tony Blair? of course not. So why would Nick Griffin?
Prime ministers and political parties do not (in this country anyhow) pick the national football team.
It's just another silly little smear that I'm sure is actually quite counterproductive.
I'm always amazed that people still come out with this kind of rubbish and even more amazed that the press still print it.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when the 'Left' will realise how hollow this kind of crap seems? People just laugh now at the kind of PC trash they spew out.

Anonymous said...

The England team are rubbish anyhow, i stopped supporting them when Sven took over!