Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I watched the Burnley v Sheff Utd Championship football play off final yesterday and the TV commentator said that nearly half the population of Burnley were there at Wembley watching the match.
So, being the anorak that I am, I did some checking (Wikipedia) and found out that Burnley has a population of 87,000 and around 35,000 of these were at the match.
Of the 87,000 population of Burnley, 8% are Asian. That's roughly 7,000.
So on those numbers, there should have been roughly 3,000 Asians amongst the Burnley fans yesterday.
I didn't see one, although closer inspection may have revealed a few (but not many - and certainly not 3,000).

Why is this?

I thought we were supposed to be one big happy multicultural family now, all sailing along in the same ship with the same interests etc. Or is this just a media lie?

What we have in Britain today is NOT in my opinion a nice big happy clappy melting pot but voluntary apartheid.

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Anonymous said...

You only have to go to the foreign language channels and Press TV / Al Jazeera to see why. They have their own culture, their own lives.

They are taught that they are to keep well clear of the kaffur, and they at least follow their scriptures, unlike the C of E bishops.