Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fat Cats Grow Fatter as People Line up to Kick the Posties

Read this and weep. As people join in the kicking and grinding into the dirt of the lazy postmen (on £8.50 an hour) the bankers who have ruined the country (just last year actually) are now getting wonderfully huge bonuses once again (Goldman Sachs is paying each of it's bankers a £440,000 bonus amongst other disgusting absurdities).
When the government and Royal Mail (aided by the press and public opinion) batter the postmen into submission it will be one up to the likes of the bankers and greedy fat cat bosses in general - the boss of Royal Mail by the way earns £3 million per year.
The less money and more work that people like the postmen will have to do will mean of course more money for the fat cats.
When the postmen fall who will they come for next? You?


James Higham said...

Weep is the operative word. The only good thing is that they are so openly greedy at the top that people are going to react to this next year or so.

JPT said...

James: I hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

"When the postmen fall who will they come for next?"

The Black & White Cats"... bastards.

I agree with James... with MPs expenses, Bankers bonuses, bailouts etc... it's not going to be so easy, i.e. like the 1980s, to get the 'little man' to make all the sacrificies.

CherryPie said...

Yes I agree with you. These are the things I fight for and I am not ashamed for doing so. It isn't political, it is about what is best for society.

Dr. Dave said...

Pretty soon they'll just come to your door, pick you up and shake you upside down and take whatever falls from your pockets.