Sunday, 18 April 2010

Loony Left Lib Dem's

Nick Clegg has made a bit of an impression this week hasn't he?
I've heard people saying 'I was going to vote UKIP but I think I'll vote Lib Dems now after seeing that Nick Clegg on TV the other night' and most notably, in my local newspaper someone interviewed on the street said 'I'm quite a right wing person and I've had enough of Labour and having listened to Nick Clegg on TV I think I'll vote for him'. I kid you not.
Have any of these Lib Dem converts read their policies?
I invite anyone to go on their website and look at their policies, I won't go into details but they really ARE the loony left.


Tony nile life said...

Does it really matter who leads the uk, all that will happen is whoever takes up the puppet strings. will get the muppet master pulling the wrong string. ha ha" look he is having a wank. or maybe he is just trying to fuck the rest of britain up. good job that cloud came over put a bit more news in the papers.
but saying that britain has been in a cloud since good old Lloyd George left Denbigh to live in the big capitol city.

Lee Enfield Mk1 said...

All part of the false paradigm, I'm afraid. The Labour Party has served it's purpose, and now we are offered the Lib Dems. Just another political swindle brought to us by Common Purpose.

James Higham said...

There's no hope with thinking like that.