Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kristian Digby's Sex Games

TV presenter Kristian Digby (never heard of him myself) has been found dead at his flat in London.
Mr Digby (who was gay) died, according to reports following a 'bizarre solo sex game involving a plastic bag and a belt'!
ALL the news sources in which I have read about this story report the 'sex game' thingy. Except one - you guessed it - the BBC.
All the BBC report says about the circumstances of his death is that it was 'unexplained', they then blather on about Mr Digby's achievement in his lifetime of 'making homosexuality acceptable to the middle classes'.
So the BBC in the reporting of this story alone seek to promote homosexuality (again) and cover up the perversion of one of the cheerleaders of this cause.
Jan Moir anyone?


Teresa said...

Didn't the perv learn from David Carrodine?

There's nothing like a coverup and the homosexual propagandist machine covering up so it doesn't hurt the homosexual movement's image.

Anonymous said...

Double standards from the BBC again. Good spotting.

skydog said...


This one must have slipped past the thought police.

Tony nile life said...

His sudden death has left friends and colleagues shocked and distressed.
Now there is the culprit
the one who is dis dressed. check the belt for fingerprints or shit stabbing marks.
and of course the bloody bastards
cooperation is going to keep shtwm,
they are best known for putting the beak where it does not belong, and making stories once the shit has hit the fan. no fun in a story without lots of drama.
and do not forget there are some who like wanking with a plastic bag over their heads. MP'S do it,
its called loosing your breath syndrome. They will not say ah" he died of suffocation while masturbating, that's a bit like one dying on the toilet with a 100 foot hole. (Q) how did he die (A) well" he was holding his breath waiting for the plop,

Anonymous said...

A law has been passed that makes it a criminal offence to even criticise homosexuality.

This law does not seem to apply to the clergy and muslims though...


Anonymous said...

You don't really believe that straight men don't wank this way too, do you?