Monday, 25 January 2010

Dhimmi Diarmaid MacCulloch

I watched the second episode of the BBC's 'History of Christianity' by Diarmaid MacCulloch last night and thought it was pretty typical PC left wing anti Christian BBC stuff really - and an eternal shame on them for that by the way, but what struck me most was the (gay) MacCulloch's 'feelings of 'shame' over the crusades (should we apologise?) and the only saving grace of the crusades he said was, I quote:
"Thanks to the Crusades Islam gave us Universities. My employer, Oxford University, was one of the first. Academic robes, professorial chairs, lectures, the qualification of a degree itself, are not Western ideas. They are all copied in remarkable detail from medieval Islamic schools of higher education."
Dhimmitude I think.
Does MacCulloch realise what Islam would like to do to openly gay Christians I wonder?
Of course he does but his hatred of the west is so great I feel that he'd happily sacrifice himself to see us fall.


MK said...

What a fucking moron!

Universities from islam, what a load of shit. Yes the persians and pre-mohammedans may have contributed something, but since the time of mohammed, islam has only given the world, blood, murder and evil on a scale unimaginable.

Seriously, islam's depravity has only been trumped by that of the left. And this moron is grateful to islam. If you ever meet one of these morons, ask them what exactly have the followers of mohammed given the world that we don't have now or cannot make ourselves, cheaper, easier and faster. Even the damn oil that's in the middle east cannot be pumped out and sold without western technology.

You know JPT, if it weren't for good people like you in Britain caught up in this mess, i'd actively root for jihadism to over run Britain, just so that leftist cockroaches can get their just deserts.

Tony nile life said...

Professor MacCulloch can currently be seen presenting "A History of Christianity - the first 3,000 years"
leave the old guy alone he is 1059 years old for cristsake.
I thought the word Christ-ianity spoke for its self.
or maybe a lot has happened in that missing 1000 my blog on justliars.blogspot. find out what liars the Muslims really are

Teresa said...

I can't stand the BBC or the History Channel because of their leftist propaganda. The Lefts loathing of the West blinds them from seeing reality. I'd like to see the lefties promote gays in front of their so-called Islam peace loving beings. Then, they would see just how "peaceful" Muslims really are.

DUTA said...

Your question is a very good one: "Does MacCullock realise what Islam would like to do to openly gay Christians I wonder?"

James Higham said...

Really glad I missed it then.

Irish tory said...

I turned off after that comment about Islam giving us universities, I'm sick to death of having people like that forcing blatant propaganda down my throat!

Topper said...

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.

Teach your children history, buy old history books from second hand shops, ebay and amazon uk.

Smash your TV, don't let your children watch it.

Homeschool if you can, spend time in extra-school activities.

Islam stole the 0-9 from the Indian subcontinent, Sanskrit, I think. I hate the endless lies.