Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cheeky Bastard

So Tony Blair - who converted to Catholicism in just 2007 - today attacks his new religion over it's attitude to homosexuality.

He says that 'religious leaders must start "rethinking" the issue'. Rethinking? They shouldn't be rethinking anything - in my opinion if you follow the words of a religion written long ago (I personally don't as it happens) then you should follow them and not try to alter them to fit in with the trendy faddy thinking of today.

Blair also says that some older Catholics had "entrenched attitudes".

He hasn't been a Catholic for five minutes and already he's whingeing about it, who does he think he is - God? Yes, probably.

He knew what Catholicism was all about when he joined the Catholic Church so he should shut up or bugger off.

The cheeky bastard.


Anonymous said...

Do you think he`s trying to tell us something?

JPT said...

I never thought of that!