Sunday, 15 March 2009

BBC Multicult Rugby Broadcast

I watched the Italy v Wales rugby international yesterday. A contest where all 30 of the players (and subs) if I remember correctly were white and male.

The crowd was probably about 99% white and roughly I would say about 80% male.

The whole thing was, as Lenny Henry would say 'hideously white'.

But, on the good old BBC the pitch side reporter was a woman and both pitch side experts were mixed race.

Now I've nothing against these particular pitch side experts - Jeremy Guscot and Colin Charvis are recent great players and excellent ambassadors for the sport - but the BBC did not pick them for their expertise (in my opinion of course), nor did they pick the female reporter for her knowledge and insight (again just my opinion), they picked them as far as I'm concerned as a part of their Marxist, PC, multicult propaganda drive to brainwash us all.

They are shamelessly using these people in their campaign and they just cannot stop themselves, we are constantly bombarded with it.

When will people wake up?!


Liz said...

I'm not sure about the woman but I disagree about the men. I think they're chosen because they can talk intelligently about rugby - and how many rugby players can you say that about?! Not Austin Healey that's for sure!

JPT said...

Like I say I have an immense ammount of time for both the men but honestly believe that the BBC chose them for other reasons.

The BNP Chronicle said...

Guscot knows what he's talking about but Charvis is a strange decision for me, the man always chased the dollar when he was a player and probably can't do anything else.

Liz, Austin Healey - although verbose - knows his rugby and he isn't afraid to criticise players performance.

Brian Moore as a commentator on the other hand is just plain stupid.

As for the bird, that is undeniably part of HR's equality checklist, Will Greenwood does a better job.

I wouldn't pick any of the welsh pundits bar Jonathan Davis and Eddy butler, most of them can't string a coherent sentence together.

I'm Welsh by the way and annoyed that the championship is now out of our reach.

James Higham said...

Hadn't thought about that - it is a pretty white game.

JPT said...

BNP Chronicle:
I'm also Welsh by the way, and the championship 'out of our reach'?
We've only got to beat Ireland by 13're probably right!

The BNP Chronicle said...

I know, it shouldn't be out of our reach, player for player we have the edge but as a team we've been pretty erratic all season.

We can win the game but by 14 points at least, is asking alot.

Who knows, I'm hoping Ireland capitulate under the weight of 61 years of history.